Who am I?
Legal IT Manager, technologist, cyclist & amateur photographer
I am an IT Manager with extensive experience in the IT sector, working in various industries including government, education, manufacturing, finance & legal. I have specialised in IT Service Delivery and have achieved excellent results in my field. I have worked hard to obtain a broad set of skills and experience in support and management that I am confident I can transfer to anything I am passionate about.
Outside of work, apart from my love of everything retro, the 80s and gadgets, there is nothing better than getting out into the hills for a walk with my partner and the dogs. I have a campervan which I tour the UK with, it is my aim to visit as much of the rural UK as possible. I have a keen interest in craft beer and am currently learning how to brew my own. I enjoy photography and will be putting up some of my best work in the Photography section of this site which is linked to in the top menu.
Alongside these hobbies I enjoy sharing the experiences whilst using my web development skills to do so, I regularly try to create and update blogs on my hobbies using the Wordpress platform, creating my own templates and customising the code for add-ons and widgets that allows me to integrate with my social feed and other online services.