Posted by on February 16, 2017

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a great lover of the outdoors.  I grew up in the countryside and spent a huge part of my childhood playing in the fields, woods and trails of the Cheshire countryside.

Going back some 17 years now however I moved to the city when I went to university, from there I started my career in IT and since then I have spent less and less time out and about, just managing a hike up Snowdon, or a walk in the woods, every now and again when I find myself with that little precious time off work.

Back in 2010, I was made redundant, I found myself back home with family in Cheshire and, once again, surrounded by the great outdoors I had once known and loved.  I moved into a tiny hamlet over in the Shropshire border and brought a little rescue dog I named Frank into my life.  Frank, a boisterous 4 (maybe, we are not sure as he was a stray), year old Jack Russell Terrier gave me a purpose to get out and about and walk all those trails again.  Its strange how you have to find excuses as an adult to do these things if you are on your own.

Recently over the last 12 months I have moved in with my partner, we now live in the north of Manchester, right on the edge of the Pennines.  This area is fantastic for walks and cycles, I could be up a huge hill, or taking a ramble around a reservoir within 10 minutes of the front door.

We have started doing lots of walking and this inspired me to write a blog about some of the places we visit with the dogs.  There are so many beautiful places in rural Great Britain, I think some of the walks are well worth a share.  Most of which will have been written about by far more eloquent individuals than myself, but none will have written from my viewpoint, with our dogs in tow.

Hopefully you will enjoy the stories of our adventures exploring the dales, hills, valleys and mountains, (along with the pubs) of this great isle.

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