Posted by on March 29, 2017

Here is a little tech story I thought I would share, something positive that came out of this week.

As one of the many tasks I have to undertake as an IT engineer for a global company, yesterday was amusing.  I took a call from one of our mining engineers who had left his phone in the back of a taxi, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, south of Dongsheng, Inner Mongolia. Now these taxis drive hundreds of km a day so the likelihood was the driver was long gone.
Rather than just barring it & giving up I logged into the portal at find my iPhone, & luckily the phone was still live, so I switched to satellite view & tracked it. I then called it & who I’m guessing was the driver picked up, sadly he didn’t speak any English & me no Chinese so the conversation was short.

A quick thought was to use the lost phone function, which sends a message & a contact number as a notification on the screen. So I used google translate to get the Chinese for the hotel address, contact number & a message kindly asking the finder to bring it back. I sent this off & shortly after the phone disappeared, the battery may have gone flat, it could have lost signal, who knows.

This morning I get an email saying the phone has been miraculously returned when the driver was passing the hotel again!  I don’t have anymore information yet but it’s great when technology works out!

Score 1 to technology & human kindness! Thank you Chinese driver ?

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